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Trump’s ban on ZTE killed it forever

USA have trade sanction with North Korea and Iran which means if you want to do business with USA you are not allowed to...
Huawei mate 10 pro

Huawei prepares itself to ditch the Android OS

With tensions continuing to escalate between both US and China, Reportedly Huawei prepares itself to ditch the Android OS by developing it's own Operating...
Scam Alert

How to spot an scam – person or websites 2018

If you are on social media and see number of people posting some deals or products at unrealistic price for example they will say...
iPhone X

Apple may ditch iPhone X in 2018

Last fall, Apple broke tradition by launching three iPhones instead of its usual two. But even more than that, Apple’s bold $1,000 handset had...
Fuchsia OS

Google Trying to Run Android Apps on Its Mysterious Fuchsia OS

Google released the first code for its mysterious Fuchsia operating system in 2016, but its plans for the platform are still unknown. After getting...

Goophone X looks a lot like iPhone X with Gestures and iOS 11 Features

Why spend $999 + TAX on an iPhone X when you can pick up a knockoff for 1/10th the price? Because the knockoff is...
Amazon Key App

Android app allows Amazon to deliver packages to your car [Amazon Key In-Car Delivery]

Six months ago, Amazon launched a new Amazon service called Amazon Key to allow its delivery staff to unlock your front door and leave packages...

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Flash Sale: UHANS A6 is available at $59.99

uhans A6 black
If you're looking for a high cost performance phone but have no idea what to get, then UHANS A6 might be giving an interesting...