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Review: Most affordable bezel-less smartphone with 6GB RAM

Recently we have seen number of bezel-less smartphones coming from China, most of them look like from same ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) with slight...

Review: UHANS A6 $80 power house smartphone

We had a chance to review UHANS A6 $80 power house smartphone a beautiful phone by UHANS. UHANS is small Chinese smartphone manufacturer that...

Review: TOMTOC 360° a durable, premium business class sleeve

Finding the best tablets or laptop sleeve is very useful to protect your device from any scratches, dust, and many other negative impacts from...
Data recovery

Top 5 Best Android Data Recovery Software

Android Data Recovery is incredible data recovery software for android clients that helps you to recover erased Photos, Videos, Music, Text Messages, lost Messaging...
Nomu S30 Boiling Testvideo

Test: Can Nomu S30 Mini survive in boiling water test

A phone claim to be super tough with IP68 waterproof, Drop-proof rugged upto Military standard, S30 mini has been put on tests to prove...

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Note 4 Geekbuying

Deal: Note 4 with 4000Mah battery for just $99.99 on geekbuying

The UHANS Note 4 — also known as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 alternative — is currently on sale over at Geekbuying for just...
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 leak

Leak: Bezel-Less Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Leaks Again In Three New Images

The alleged Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 surfaced yesterday in a single render, and now several new images leaked and are showing off that device...
bendable battery

News: How Far is Fully Bendable Device Technology

As we know many smartphone companies are working on their bendable devices, we saw bendable prototype of phone and tablet and flexible laptop concept...
Quantum Satellite

News: China Claims Unhackable Quantum Satellite Test Was A Success to Send Data from...

Quantum Leap For Communication In a huge first for China and the world of quantum communication, researchers at the Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS)...

Unveil: Uhans unveils i8 a 18:9 smartphone with infinity display

Samsung launched S8 with the 18:9 aspect ratio smartphones to the market became talk between techies. UHANS, a Chinese manufacturer, follows the trend and...

Leak: UHANS joins war of bezel-less smartphones with UHANS MX

Smartphone trend of bezel-less design is what manufacturers trying to catch up with, UHANS is not exception anymore, new claim by Chinese smartphone maker...

Deals & Offers

Deal: Big Battery UHANS U300 is $30 off on Geekbuying

UHANS's “Best or Nothing” big battery smartphone-U300 is on sale. You can get this solid build while luxurious device at just $139.99 and get...