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Google Assistant

Google launches lightweight Google Assistant to enrich Android Go

Android Go is Google's streamlined OS that is designed to work on entry-level mobile devices. Apps are designed to use less memory and storage...
Zoji Z8

Homtom Zoji Z8 a Beautiful rugged smartphone till now

As smartphone users We love beautiful design but it comes with fragile nature and we compromise on design and choose rugged smartphones. Most of...
Razer CEO

Razer plans to open their next flagship store in Malaysia

Today #Razer's CEO @MinLiangtin tweeted about their next #flagship store based on the Razer Fan base. He recognizes #Malaysia as next destination for their...

Vinci futuristic smart headphones powered by Alexa AI

Many tech companies introduced their own virtual assistants after Apple's SIRI. Like Google developed Google Assistant then Microsoft came with Cortana and now Samsung...

HOMTOM S9 Plus Review: A 18:9 Smartphone Under $200

When we buy any device, design is one of the main factor to choose one of the available options. Not only this but built...

HTC U12 leaks hints at bezel less display and on screen fingerprint

HTC U12 leaks are getting ready to take the smartphone industry by storm during this year. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to rely...
Google Android Excellence

Google posts latest batch of Android Excellence apps and games

Google updated the Android Excellence list with a new set of apps and games. Android Excellence apps are standouts noted for design, usability, and Android...

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Flash Sale: UHANS A6 is available at $59.99

uhans A6 black
If you're looking for a high cost performance phone but have no idea what to get, then UHANS A6 might be giving an interesting...