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ELE Rexso Explorer ual 4K Camera

[Review] 4K Action Camera ELE REXSO Explorer Dual – GoPro Hero 4 alternative

4K Action Camera ELE REXSO Explorer Dual Everyone knows that GoPro makes the best action cams (or POV cams) for extreme sports enthusiasts, but everyone...
AI Robot passes medical exam

For the First Time, Robot XiaoYi Passes a Medical Licensing Exam

A Robot Medical Professional Experts generally agree that, before we might consider artificial intelligence (#AI) to be truly intelligent —that is, on a level on...

[REVIEW] Will Cat S41 survive and how responsive wet screen is?

We reviewed number of phones, targeted to different groups of users. We also posted review of rugged phone CAT S41 for a normal user....
Android Oreo

Is Project Treble really speeding up android upgrades

Everyone wants latest OS and earliest upgrades to new version, Unfortunately most OEM proceed at the pace of turtle. Google stepped in to help...

Full Screen UHANS I8 Global Exclusive Launch on Geekbuying

Apple’s latest bezelless flagship set a new trend in the smartphone industry this year. The 3D face ID that Apple introduced in iPhone X,...
Travis Translatorvideo

Communicating with people no longer a big issue

Have you ever wanted a technology to help you on-the-go, in a place where communicating with people is the biggest issue? Today we will...
OnePlus 5T vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 vs LG G6

[Comparison] OnePlus 5T vs LG G6 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

While smartphones with minimal bezels are nothing new, having been seen on phones as far back as 2014. Yet again this year has seen...

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Deal: UHANS Max 2 and MX joins the 11.11 Promotion Campaign

We have observed great expansion of Chinese smartphone and tech companies. Customers all over the world can enjoy the multiple promotion campaign, including 11.11...