[REVIEW] Will Cat S41 survive and how responsive wet screen is?


We reviewed number of phones, targeted to different groups of users. We also posted review of rugged phone CAT S41 for a normal user. Apart from bulky body it takes all what a normal user may expect from a phone, Good performer and good camera quality. Only missing that is fingerprint sensor. We do not expect rugged phone a beauty or light weight champions. So today iam going to review CAT S41 as rugged phone and test it to see if it will survive drops and how responsive wet screen is?

Drop Test

This phone is actually IP68 and MIL SPEC 810G certified, that makes it water proof (up to 2m for 60 mins) & hard drop prevention from up to 1.8 meters (6 feet) on concrete.

View Full specifications of CAT S41

So i decided to put it on tests and dropped it from height of 6 feet on tiles 6 times. It survived without any damages thanks to its rugged shell.

CAT S41 drop test
CAT S41 drop test

Wet Screen Test

Wet screen test was bit of disappointment for me as screen was not enough responsive to even unlock the phone or scroll the app list. I had really tough time but within second i was able to operate it normally and screen was really responsive to the touch.

CAT S41 wet screen test
CAT S41 wet screen test

Camera Test

I have seen many reviewers did not like the camera result, however I did not find any reason to say this phones camera is mediocre or it is worst.

Interestingly i found Camera of CAT S41 result really good even at night and low light conditions which can be seen in pictures below.

Even though camera supports CAMERA 2 API bullet didn’t take full advantage of this in stock camera app. During my review I found images taken with stock camera app are more detailed that further can be improved by snapseed.

Camera samples

Night Time:

Day Time:

Snapseed Enhanced images:



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