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Are you tired of typing? Many people get connected with friends on social media all the time. But most of them are lazy to type. Now we have lots of sources available such as voice note and voice/video call.

When you searching for something on the web and you feel typing is boring, you will switch to Google voice search feature to search and find what you are looking for.

Google voice search is very popular with a huge number of users. So now you can send text on e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or any other social media without via voice typing a single word. You must be thinking how it’s possible, Yes it is possible and easy.

Lots of Voice to text apps are now available on market. And it makes this functionality as easy as possible. Today I will share such kind of App for Android called Speechnotes.

Speechnotes – Speech To Text

Speechnotes is a voice to text convert app, currently available on Google Play Store for Android users. App powered by WellSource – Empowering You. It has over one million downloads from Google Play Store and over 14k users have rated 4.3 this app. Good news is this app is a free app, with a paid version. It requires Android version 4.3 or higher version to works on your device.


Some people are not efficient in typing, the speechnotes is the best app that will help you to write short or long texts as hand free. Most of the voice to text apps stop writing when you take a break from continuous speech. But Speechnotes app is more comfortable, it does not stop listening when you take a break. It is very accurate and Incorporated with Google’s speech recognition service. It works offline as well as online mode. And they recommending users to use when you are connected with the internet for the best experience. It has a bundle of useful features such as Share, export, print, Auto-capitalization & spacing, Autosaving, Edit text, Simultaneous voice-typing for words with keyboard for punctuation, symbols & fun emojis etc.

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