Unveil: Uhans unveils i8 a 18:9 smartphone with infinity display


Samsung launched S8 with the 18:9 aspect ratio smartphones to the market became talk between techies. UHANS, a Chinese manufacturer, follows the trend and Uhans unveils i8 a 18:9 smartphone with infinity display after unveiling UHANS MX a bezel-less smartphone 2 days ago.

From the last leak of UHANS i8, we didn’t get enough information apart from one render and rough specs specifying 6GB RAM and 128 GB Internal storage. The i8 now appears in a above video revealing further about it.

As we can see in the video, both front and back panel of device features a 2.5D protective glass (type of protection is not clear) and slight curvature on the edges give a premium look. 18:9 aspect ratio display offers more display area on the mobile device of the same size and makes single hand grip more comfortable. Reportedly, it will be fully laminated as most phones by UHANS are for a seamless integration and sharper display.

It houses a type-c connector on bottom of the UHANS i8 without headphone, which refers to a slim body (could slimmer than 7mm). Which means, the charging connector and earphone jack are integrated into one and sound would be much more clear than normal 3.55 mm headphone jack.

Back panel houses dual camera setup and fingerprint sensor along with LED flashlight still we do not know about which sensor on these cameras is there.

Overall, frame of phone resembles  design of UHANS A6,  we still have to wait for further information. if you are interested, stay tuned on droidopedia or head over to UHANS official website.