SEGA Forever reveals all! First games rolling out in the next 24 hours!


Do you remember SEGA console games like SONIC the hedgehog or Comix zone?
king of games is reviving those classic games as #SEGAForever.

Currently SEGA® released only few games like Altered beast, phantasy star II, Kid chameleon, SONIC the hedgehog and Comix zone.

SEGA® Forever™  is a free and growing classic games collection of nearly every SEGA® game ever released from every console era – Master System, Genesis/MegaDrive, Dreamcast, and more. Available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

these games are free to play,you can save your game progress,compete with the world for high scores on leaderboard. Not only this but comes with fully integrated wireless Bluetooth controller support and you can ply offline.



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