One UI
One UI

One UI will soon be overtaking Samsung’s Experience User Interface, which replaced Touchwiz. Samsung has already started the beta program for the new UI. New user interface beta from Samsung was leaked for S9 & S9+ earlier but that was incomplete and unstable. Recently Samsung confirmed the new UI at Samsung Developer Conference 2018 event held in San Francisco. If you’re a Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ or a Note 9 user then you should look forward to these changes in the system.

What is new in One UI?

One UI is designed for better User experience and User Interface on taller device, Samsung intends to make easier to operation taller devices with one hand by placing interactive display elements at lower half of display. Also added gestures will help to operate phone without reaching on top. eg swipe down to open notification panel.

Revamped Design

One UI comes with a new revamped UI design, one which primarily focusses on Google’s Material Design. Based on Android 9.0 Pie, the new user interface is a mix between Samsung Experience and Android Pie, taking some design elements from both and bringing them together in a completely new package.

One UI Onehand Operation
One UI Onehand Operation Source: Samsung

Samsung has introduced a new way of how people interact with the phone. Phones are getting better but bigger with each passing iteration and One-hand usage is becoming increasingly difficult on these big screens and that’s where One UI comes into play. It’s very focused on Onehanded usability. All the system apps have been redesigned with the screen being split into two sections. The bottom half shows the app content whereas the upper half shows the relevant information regarding the same. Hopefully, more and more app developers will make use of this new design to provide a good user experience.

Night Mode on One UI

One UI Night Mode
Night Mode Source: Samsung

Samsung device owners will finally be getting what they have kept asking for years, an all-new night mode. It’s just a fancy name for the Black theme. This new mode would be applicable to the whole user interface and the apps. Not only will it looks good but it will also battery friendly for devices that make use of the Super-AMOLED display technology. The new night mode should help users when using the device at night time or at maximum brightness.

Register for Beta Program

One UI Beta Program
One UI Beta Program

Interested users can register for the beta program via Samsung Member app which will only be available in a selected countries & device range. To register for the beta access all you need to do is to download and install the “Samsung Members” app from the Galaxy Store or Play Store and register for the beta program. You can then navigate to System >> Updates and then download and install the beta update manually. For those who can wait, the official stable Pie ROM will be available in Jan 2019. The new update will also ollout to previous Samsung Galaxy devices as well but date is not confirmed.

Samsung has really struggled in the past regarding its user interface. First the Touchwiz and then Samsung Experience. Hopefully, this new One UI will be able to make a mark in Custom User interface race just like the OnePlus.


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