ELE Rexso Explorer ual 4K Camera
ELE Rexso Explorer ual 4K Camera

4K Action Camera ELE REXSO Explorer Dual

Everyone knows that GoPro makes the best action cams (or POV cams) for extreme sports enthusiasts, but everyone can not afford GoPro to shoot 4K video. So what are the GoPro alternatives?.

Explorer Dual Front
Explorer Dual Front

Market is full of the different sports cameras that supports 4K recording but all of them are not in the budget or with good quality. We have a chance to review 4K Action Camera ELE REXSO Explorer Dual that records Ultra-detailed 4K at 24fps and smooth 1080p at 60fps and Panasonic 16-megapixel sensor with 170 wide angle. All that, at around $65 / £44, not only this but this camera also comes with Car DVR and Web Cam mode.

Explorer Dual Button
Explorer Dual Button

Main Features

4K video capture at 24fps
Dual screens (2″ LCD and 0.66″ OLED)
16MP still images
Car DVR Mode
Web Cam Mode
Recording while charging

So you must be thinking is this best video camera for shooting sports? at this crazy low cost. I must say, as a best available camera to shoot sports? no it is not as market is full of action camera that produces crazy detailed videos. But at price of $65 yes it is one of the best action camera to record 4K or use as Web Cam.

Explorer Dual Rear LCD
Explorer Dual Rear LCD

Build quality of camera is really great and looks just like GoPro 4. It records in multiple resolution as below:

4K 24FPS (View 4K Camera Sample at 24 fps)
1440P 30FPS (View 1440P Camera Sample at 30 fps)
1080P 30FPS (View 1080P Camera Sample at 30 fps)
1080P 60FPS (View 1080P Camera Sample at 60 fps)
720P 120FPS
720P 60FPS

Design & Accessories

It comes with bunch of accessories including waterproof casing, bike mount, helmet mount, Belt clip and so on. You can control this sports camera via Explorer Dual App on your Smartphone using WiFi. Picture quality is not good but video quality is good in this price point.

Slightly bigger than matchbox Explorer dual Action Camera is a tough plastic look is the order of the day here. On the right-hand side as you look at the front of the camera is the lens, on left hand side there is 0.66″ OLED black and white screen and below that there is Mode / Power button. On the underside is the lid for accessing the battery compartment – this houses a 3.7V lithium-ion 1050mAh power pack, which compares well to the 1220mAh inside the GoPro Hero4.

Alongside it is a microSD card slot for a 64GB card that will give you about 60-70 minutes of 4K recording.

 It offers readouts on the shooting mode it’s in – video or photos, with an indicator of the resolution, too – as well as an icon for the remaining battery charge. Button at top of the Explorer Dual 4K Action Cam activates and deactivates recording and selects menu option, Front button works as Power and Mode button.


1050mAh Battery on this camera gives more than 1 hours battery time and takes about 2 and half hour to 3 hours for charging upto 100% from 0.


WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) works ok on this camera, Image estabilisation (GyroRSC) is good so over all video quality is good. Panasonic 16MP camera performance really good in low light conditions for video comparing with pictures in this price.

Wifi mode on this camera turns it into WiFi hotspot to allow smartphone to connect and control it via App.

It houses AV and HDMI HD output and can be used as Web Cam with great quality.

Other Features

RAW Image OSD (On Screen Display)
White Balance Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Flourescent and Underwater
ISO 100,200,400,800,1500 Color Modes (color, Back & White and Sepia)
Sharpness (Stronge, Normal and Soft) GyroRSC
Auto Power Off (1min, 5min n 100 min) Night Mode
Motion Detection Diving Mode
3 Angles (Wide, Medium n small) Burst 3 or 11
6 Effects (Normal, Color Pencil, Sketch, Rock, Ccid) 3 Quality levels (fine, normal & economy)


Main menu of this camera comes with big icons easy to operate, Motion detection features works really nice, It also offer easy navigation via direction key on side or Mode/Power key on front under small screen.


It supports multiple modes including Movie (720P upto 4K), Photo, time-lapse, Burst shot and Playback (video or pictures) and settings.


ELE REXSO EXPLORER DUAL GoPro Hero4 (Silver & Black)
Main Screen 2.0 inches LCD  2.0 inches LCD touch
Secondary Screen 0.66 inch OLED  0.66 inch
Camera Sensor 16MP 12MP
Video Resolution 4K 24FPS
1440P (2560 x 1440) 30FPS
1080P (1920 x 1080) 30/60FPS
720P (1280 x 720) 60/120FPS
4K Silver Edition upto 15FPS Black Edition upto 30FPS
2.7K Silver Edition upto 30FPS Black edition upto 48FPS
1440P Silver Edition upto 30FPS Black edition upto 80FPS
1080P Silver Edition upto 30FPS Black edition upto 120FPS
960P Silver Edition upto 100FPS Black edition upto 120FPS
720P Silver Edition upto 100FPS Black edition upto 120FPS
Video Format MP4  MP4
Video Compression H.264  H.264
Image Resolution 16MP  12MP
SDcard 64 GB  64GB
Camera Mode Single Shot / Self Timer / Burst  Single Shot / Self Timer / Burst
Battery Capacity 1050mAh  1160mAh
Dimensions 59 * 41 * 21 mm  59 * 41 * 30 mm


Sample Picture

ELE REXSO EXplorer Dual Low Light Image
ELE REXSO EXplorer Dual Low Light Image

So what do you think does this all make ELE REXSO Explorer Dual, what is the best sports camera could be in the price under $70?


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