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Chinese tech company well known for it smartphones like Mi Mix plans to open 1,000 new stores with in China and 1,000 overseas with partners.

Company expended its business in more than 40 countries and aiming to strengthen with official stores.

IT seems new strategy of Xiaomi to reach out to consumers – “seeing is believing,” Wang said. “You have to let the people try the product first.” Brick-and-mortar stores may seem a departure from Xiaomi’s e-commerce strategy, but the company says they’ve been a huge success in creating a seamless online-to-offline experience for customers.

Beijing-based Xiaomi started out selling low-cost smartphones and exploded as one of the world’s leading vendors within few years. It even set a Guinness World Record for selling most number of phones in a single day which was 2.12 million units.

Firm cover different type of products such as smart bands, smart scooters, air purifier, shoes and more. This year Xiaomi entered into Pakistan, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. It also manufacture devices locally in Indian and Indonesia. Next year, the company planning to strengthen its reach in Southeast Asia such as Philippines and Eastern Europe.

On top of that, company executive Hugo Barra, who had been lured away from Silicon Valley, announced that he would leave the company and move back to the U.S. at the beginning of the year.

But it does seem things are turning around. On Friday, Xiaomi said it posted a record high with more than 23 million smartphone shipments in the second quarter of this year.