MP3 Quran An Audio Library App For Android

Are you a religious person or believe in God? Believe in any religious aspects? Even though everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs. The Religions have its own some methods, rituals, stories. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity are some of the religions.

In Islam, the Quran is considered as their Holy and final revelation. In the case of Christianity they follow Bible. Today technology is grown up and facilitates everything including religions. Such as For anything, we have a digital set of solution available. Similarly, now we have the Holy Bible, Quran, Gita in Digital formats.

Today here I like to share with you an Audio Library App named Mp3 Quran. Let’s know more about this application.

MP3 Quran

MP3 Quran is available in Google Play Store under the category of Music & Audio by Quran Audio Library since June 2012.

This wonderful application is useful for everyone who believes in Islam. Islam is the second largest Religion in this world after Christianity. Islam religion believes in one and only God (Allah) and Muhammad is the messenger of God. 1.8 billion people around the world follows Islam, known as Muslims.

MP3 Quran app has more than 1 million downloads from Google Play Store. In 1 million downloads, over 38 thousands of people rated this application averagely as 4.6. App content are rated age 3+.


Total app size is just 1.4MB. So it does not kill your phone storage. This App aims to provide Quranic verses on an online audio portal for Android users.  App is available in two languages, Arabic and English. You can choose the one of your choice. You can listen to live Quran prayers from Makkah, Madinah, Main Radio, Roqiah, Fatwa, Saud, Yaser etc. Also, the App implemented an option to listen to prayers at offline mode, for use in offline mode you need to download the audio file as well. This is a free app provides a good user interface and it is ads free.


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