TearDown: iFixit confirms iPhone 8 battery and RAM


After a giant leak and a full week with #Apple’s new #iPhone8 and iPhone 8 Plus, you’d think we’d know everything about the company’s latest phones. But new details keep trickling out. Apple didn’t disclose few things as we mentioned there is more Apple hides than Battery and RAM in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Now iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is in the hands of reviewers and users so we will be seeing many things that Apple didn’t want we know, As expected, we’re seeing the first #teardown experts rip apart the iPhone 8 to show us its gleaming guts, and we’ve learned a few brand-new things as a result. So here’s what iFixit discovered in their brand-new teardown about glass panel, battery and RAM.

Yep. While Apple claims you’ll get the same battery life from an iPhone 8 as an iPhone 7, iFixit confirmed our previous leak that new phone actually has a smaller-capacity Lithium-ion battery pack inside.

iPhone 8 Battery Capacity
iPhone 8 Battery Capacity

It’s rated at 6.96 watt-hours (1821mAh), compared to the 7.45Wh (1960mAh) battery you’d find in an iPhone 7, then how it is better?.

Those numbers line up with documents Apple filed with Tenaa, the Chinese equivalent of the FCC. This teardown also confirms iPhone 8 houses SK Hynix H9HKNNNBRMMUUR 2 GB LPDDR4 RAM.

iFixit had a heck of a time prying off the iPhone 8’s new rear cover glass, which is attached to a steel reinforcement plate with what appears to be loads of glue. The repair firm tried to soften it, but wound up having to slice through with a knife — damaging the metal a bit in the process.

iPhone 8 full TearDown
iPhone 8 full TearDown

Sure, adhesive is necessary for a water-resistant phone, but it means you’d have a heck of a time replacing the glass yourself. Which also explains why Apple will probably charge $99 to repair a cracked glass back — even if you’ve got AppleCare+.