Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Whenever and Whatever we want we simply fireup Google and search for it, but what If you are tired of typing? Don’t worry now you can use Google Voice search in multiple languages. So we can search on Google speaking in Hindi/Urdu or any other language. And there are alots of input solutions available now. In the case of Android device, Google Gboard is best typing tool.

If you are lazy in typing or tired to type, you can use Google Voice Search function. last year, Google extended this feature. Now Google Voice search supports 120 languages all over the world including Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi etc.

You can ask Google in your own language and Google will give you the accurate results within seconds. To use your desired language, you need to do some changes in your Google app settings. After that, you can start Google voice search in your language.

Setting Google Voice Search

Google App is pre-installed in most of the Android devices, if your device does not have Google app, just install it from Play Store. Then set up your Google app as mentioned below.

  • Open the Google App.
  • First, you need to turn On the Voice Search Option.
  • Then Tap on Microphone icon or say “Ok Google” to start your voice search.
  • Google Voice search supported for 120 languages including Hindi, Urdu, Farsi.

Steps for Turn On the Voice Search Option.

  • Tap Menu icon from the bottom or top left corner.
  • Then Go to settings -> Then tap on Voice -> Then tap on “Ok Google” Detection, Choose when you want your phone to listen “Ok Google. “.

How to change language settings

  • The default language is English in Google App, which can br changed to supported laguage as your primary one.
  • Open the Google App, tap on Menu icon and Go to Settings.
  • Then tap on Voice, Then you can see voice settings options.
  • You can see Languages option at first in your Google Voice settings.
  • Tap on Languages, then a popup will appear with the list of supported languages.
  • Choose your Primary language and tap on Save.(You can also select multiple languages from the popup)
  • Then start your Google Voice search.

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