Scam Alert
Scam Alert

If you are on social media and see number of people posting some deals or products at unrealistic price for example they will say BUY TWO GET ONE FREE or they will sell on installments. It is really hard so how you can spot an scammer?

These unrealistic posts are very attractive and people fail into these tricks very easily. Just think for a minute who will sell you 3 iPhone X in the price of 2 on down payment of 40% which mean on the 80% price of iPhone X.

Some time you will see the advertisements saying refurbished laptop with free worldwide shipping, sounds good?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Scam
Samsung Galaxy S8 Scam

Looking at the price of those laptops or phone you might want one who doesn’t? but this alarms me being scammed.

How you can spot an scammer?

Unrealistic Price or Offer:

Most of the time scammer offers dirt cheap rates for the product like Buy 2 get 1 Free for hot selling items like Samsung S9, Samsung S9+, iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Along with this sometimes they offer installment against 40% down payment. hmmm…

As show on picture above, Samsung S8 for $108 and free worldwide shipping so how come even opened box but new smartphone is being sold for 10th of its original price.

Location of Seller:

Most of the time scammer hide their location and will not provide you about their where about or provide fake location.

As seen in FB post below the location of post is WEst Miami, Florida while page is for United Arab Emirates. Why someone will sell it to other country and their whatsapp number is also from USA.

Post in FB group for UAE
Post in FB group for UAE

Ask for Actual Product:

You should know what product they are selling so you may ask them to send you more pictures of products and video would be better where they should show the product from all the sides and angels.

Recently i saw ad on facebook offering laptop for as low as $99, yes dollar ninety nine. this Ad is operated by a website called pcvipmall


Address on contact us page of this website is from NY, USA, we wanted to dig it further and checked whois information the name of organisation is xiang dao xin xi ji shu you xiang gong si, It sounds Chinese.

How to save yourself from SCAM?

Pay always wit escrew service like Paypal as it protects you from being scammed and you can get your money back if you do not get the product that was described.

Double-check the domain name

A lot of fraudulent websites will use a domain name that references a well-known brand or product name. But won’t be the official website.

For example, website domains such as or should raise alarm bells.

You should also be cautious of domains that end in .net or .org, as they are rarely used for online shopping so may have been acquired by questionable organisations.

Never pay by bank transfer or Western Union

Alarm bells should ring if you are asked to pay for something online via a bank transfer.

If you buy something that turns out to be fake or non-existent with a credit or debit card, you do have some rights to get your money back.

But if you pay by bank transfer, there’s very little you can do to get your cash back.

Scammers & Fraudulent Websites

Scammer Websites:

We will keep below list updated so people will be aware of these scammers.



  1. (Facebook Page of scammer is
  2. (Facebook Page of scammer is

Under Radar Websites:

we have prepared below list of websites which do not carry scams itself but you have to be extra careful while shopping on those and think multiple time before you place an order as some sellers are scamming via these e-commerce websites.


If you know any website that you think is scam or buyer need to be extra careful while shopping on it, comment down so we can list it here.


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