shanghai Panoram

China have Asia’s highest resolution panorama image taken from Oriental Pearl Tower.

This camera sensor is 195 GigaPixel, BigPixel the company behind this fabulous shot said that it took them 2 months of data treatment to produce the panoramic image, making it the third largest image in the world and the largest in Asia.




This is not the first high-resolution panoramic image that they have taken. They have done panoramic images.

Is it captured from satellite using quantum technology?

No, It’s Not Captured From A Satellite or with involvement of any Quantum Technology

Company boasts that it is more than 2000 precise than a photo captured from a traditional camera. No satellite has been used for capturing this image. Instead, it is a product of high-resolution cameras and image stitching technology.

Most Recent Panoramas

Recent Panoramas by BigPixel are North Korea, Phi Phi in Phuket Thailand, Hong Kong and , Macau, and more.

They did not mention resolution or pixel density of particular image of North Korea  , whereas panoramic image of Hong Kong contains 43 billion pixels.

The Bigpixel a company behind this image is a Technology Company aim to innovate creative photography with cloud data processing. It has created its own model by connecting Internet.

How they captured GigaPixel?

They processed panorama from thousands of pictures taken and processed. makes it 2000 times more accurate than pictures taken by traditional cameras. Moreover, its data capacity can reach hundreds of GB, which can display every detail of a city or a resort vividly.

Let’s explain this in simple possible way

Capturing Image

It is not mentioned on official website how many lenses they use, but its clear they are using array of cameras/lenses with a broad, optical zoom range to capture every detail at same time and at multiple zoom levels.

Once shutter button is pressed all lenses take the individual images, BigPixel software and cloud technology presents all of those pictures as multi-layered single image.

Showing Images as Panorama

Initially we see non-zoomed image and as soon as we zoom in BigPixel technology renders and presents high resolution image taken by optically zoomed lens at the same time, so we do not feel if new or different image is shown and we see individual high quality image.

View Shanghai panoramic image


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