Got a new iPhone this Christmas? Then it is time to set it up and enjoy all the new features that it offers. Before you head over to set it up though, check out our recommendation below on how to set up your new iPhone the right way and other tips and tricks you should follow.

Simply follow the ten steps we have mentioned below to set up your iPhone the right way, know the best tips and tricks for it, the accessories to buy for it, and more. These steps will get you up to speed on all the new features of your iPhone in no time at all and also help you select the right case, accessories, and wireless charger for it.

Automatically Setup Your new iPhone

If you are already using an iPhone, the process to upgrade to a new one is a relatively straightforward one. This is thanks to a new Automatic Setup feature in iOS. Simply keep your old iPhone near your new iPhone while setting the latter up and you will automatically get a prompt to import all your data and settings from it. This option will come after you are done signing into your iCloud account, setting up iMessage etc.

During the process of importing data from your old iPhone to new iPhone, your old device will show a QR code which you will have to scan using your new iPhone. Both phones will then talk to each other and transfer all the necessary data and settings. Depending on the amount of data to be transferred, the process can take up to 20-30 minutes.

Set up Face ID or Touch ID

This goes without saying but make sure to set up Face ID or Touch ID on your new iPhone. Don’t just enter a 6-digit passcode and be done with it. This is because Face ID and Touch ID are more convenient and they add an extra layer of security. Plus, they make logging into websites and apps extremely easy.

If you skipped setting up Face ID or Touch ID the first time around, you can do so from Settings -> Touch ID/Face ID & Passcode.

Apps and Games to Try

Your new iPhone is capable of doing much more than your old iPhone. But for that, you need to use the right set of apps that are capable of using it to its fullest. You can find better apps for your new iPhone and App store is your friend

Set up eSIM

Your new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR come with dual-SIM connectivity and eSIM functionality. This means you can connect to two networks at the same time on a single iPhone. Since there’s only one SIM slot on the device, it relies on the eSIM technology to connect to the second network. follow our guide on what is eSIM and how to setup on your new iPhone XS or iPhone XR.

How are you liking your new iPhone? Which one did you get this Christmas? Drop a comment and let us know!

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