Goophone X looks a lot like iPhone X with Gestures and iOS 11 Features


Why spend $999 + TAX on an iPhone X when you can pick up a knockoff for 1/10th the price? Because the knockoff is a pretty lousy phone, that’s why. But at least the Goophone X looks a lot like iPhone X.



Design of this clone is just like iPhone X with glass on front and back with only small difference. The chin is slightly bigger then iPhone X, which most people will not even notice. At back we have dual camera housing with one 12MP camera and a fake camera, Flash light is normal flash light not dual tone.

Notch on this phone is 100% real


This replica is 1:1 copy of iPhone X and surprisingly all original Apple accessories are compatible with this phone, not only case/cover but any Lightening adopter for your headphones or even phone charger.

box contains wall bracket to charge the phone, earpods, charging cable with lightening port quality of these accessories looks very good but have to check sound quality of earpods.


Sellers claim this phone comes with 5.8 inches display. Its build is 1 ratio 1 of iPhone X with slightly bigger chin which means it can’t house 5.8 display so display could be 5.6 or 5.7 inches.


Display of this phone is IPS with real notch yes its true it houses real notch with Android Face unlock feature.

Operating System:

This beautiful phone comes with Android iOS heavily themed as iOS 11.2, not only this but it also supports Same Gestures like iPhone X.

We can not compare the performance with original phone due to lower specs but looking at the effort put to clone most of the important feature deserve appreciation.

on screen assistant does come with full of features to control the phone.

swiping up from bottom gesture to close current app or swiping to middle of sceen for task manager works great as well.

Features & Apps:

Settings and other app are replicated well too, Chines App like store allows you to install any app without having an account. iTunes app is also Chinese clone of iTunes.

It also features Android face recognition which one works good.

You can choose boot animation out of 3 available options Apple log on white background, Apple logo on black background or Default.

On screen assistant works flawlessly, control center is replicated very well that allows you to change setting.

You can long press any control to zoom it, and use. like screen brightness or volume controls.

On it’s left side it houses dedicated mute button, and volume rockers. Being on lower specs it also performs quite decently, it is not a gaming phone but can handle daily tasks very well.

Most important thing is a wireless charging capability, yes you read it right, this phone comes with wireless charging you should use good quality charger.

Control Center:

Best feature you might like in this phone is control center which not only loos like iPhone Control center. You can also control and toggle the settings like enable Bluetooth or WiFi, Control Music, Screen brightness or volume.

Long press on these controls will zoom and show that control for easy operation.


Camera performance of this phone is disappointing and result contains white grains which we could not refine by using any existing app, the problem is f/3.5 focal length of camera. Day light and under good light it performs ok enough to use but it is not for picture lovers.

Battery Performance

Charging a battery takes about about 1 and half hour while provide 4 hours on-screen time while playing online videos. Low to mid usage provides full day, which is great and heavy usage offers little more than 15hrs of usage.

Goophone X – launcher

Goophone X – Front

Goophone X – boot

Goophone X – Space Grey

Goophone X – white back

Goophone X

Goophone X – white back

Goophone X – SIM Tray

Goophone X – settings


100% looks like iPhoneX, Notch is Real, Wireless Charging, FaceID, Mute button, compatible with Original Apple accessories


Weak processor, Camera is weak, Single Rear Camera



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