Chinese Manufacturer is set to launch bezel-less smartphone without chin


We have seen number of bezelless devices last year, and all of them came with chin and some of them had very thin forehead. Chinese smartphone maker UMIDIGI launched its first handset with 18:9 aspect ratio fullscreen. Many other manufacturers also introduced their own version around this screen ratio. First bezel-less 18:9 smartphone by UMIDIG was S2 then they launched upscale variant S2 Pro, as per recent leaks now they are set to launch lighter version S2 lite a bezel-less smartphone without chin.


Recently on Chinese biggest twitter like social media platform Weibo leaked a photo sample, showing the company UMIDIGI’s upcoming fullscreen smartphone S2 Lite.

It looks like iPhone X without having ear.

Android Version

We can notice the smartphone runs on stock Android 7.0 Nougat, and their is selfie camera and speaker grill on top. fingerprint sensor is not visible on front so chances are it is on rear side.

This smartphone is all screen without a Chin! It looks amazing! But according to comment along with picture, this maybe just an prototype. Anyway, it is some nice improvements over last year’s design.

We might see similar smartphones and we believe soon other phone manufacturer will give us news some breakthrough from their side as well