iPhone X Face Recognition

[REVIEW] Is Face ID Better than Touch ID on iPhone X, or a step...

Touch ID transformed from a gimmick into the default for unlocking an iPhone. While rivals like Samsung and Google have deployed their own sensors....
iPhone X Face Recognition

How TrueDepth Camera of iPhone X works

The iPhone X has a lot of new features for iPhone users that Android users are enjoying since many years, Most prominent one is...
Pixel Launcher & Wallpapers

Transform any android smartphone into Google Pixel 2 without root

In the 1st week of this month Google officially unveiled the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. Hardware wise, there is slight...
Foosball Cup World

5 exciting foosball games for Android to download now

Absolutely every sport has its own digital version, including foosball. I know that you can’t spin the rods in the foosball game but there...
Smart lock with Face unlock (FACE ID)

How To: Use Face ID unlock feature of iPhone X on any Android Phone

The iPhone X has a new unlocking mechanism called Face ID, which replaces the old Touch ID system since Apple decided to remove fingerprint...



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