Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL

Review: Pixel 2 and 2 XL – Why should you buy one?

In 2016, Google jumped into the Android hardware space with its first self-branded device as the Google Pixel. Google's software prowess shined on the...

CAT S41 Review: a Most Upto Date Rugged Smartphone

About Caterpillar Phones Since 2012 Bullitt Mobile Ltd is manufacturing phones and accessories globally under license by Caterpillar Inc., sold over 30 countries.Rugged phones are...

Review: HOMTOM HT50 a magnificent looking smartphone with 5500 mAh battery

HOMTOM HT50 has magnificent design and 5.5 inches HD display, On right side it houses Volume rocker and power button.View Full Specifications of HOMTOM...
UHANS Note 4video

Uhans Note 4 Review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Clone comes with android 7.0

#Xiaomi is known for great built smartphone in budget, #Redmi Note 4 is not different story, Only thing people might step back from Xiaomi...
Doogee Mixvideo

Review: Most affordable bezel-less smartphone with 6GB RAM

Recently we have seen number of bezel-less smartphones coming from China, most of them look like from same ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) with slight...

Review: UHANS A6 $80 power house smartphone

We had a chance to review UHANS A6 $80 power house smartphone a beautiful phone by UHANS. UHANS is small Chinese smartphone manufacturer that...
Nomu S30 Boiling Testvideo

Test: Can Nomu S30 Mini survive in boiling water test

A phone claim to be super tough with IP68 waterproof, Drop-proof rugged upto Military standard, S30 mini has been put on tests to prove...

Review: OnePlus 5 is it iPhone clone?

OnePlus 5 is on-fire since last few days and recent leaks where it looks like rip-off of iPhone because of it's dual camera and...
Moto Z Play

Review: Moto Z Play & Android Nougat 7.1.1 – Beautiful battery life beast

What’s the most important feature you prefer on a smartphone? Is it the camera? The display? The design? The processor? The software and apps...



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