Elephone S8 Pre-order

PreOrder: elePhone S8 a bezel-less smartphone with 2K sharp display

Recently we have seen number of #bezelless smartphones from many phone makers including big once like #Samsung, #Sharp or small manufacturers from China like...
elephone samsung s8 clone

Leak: Elephone is set to launch smartphone with 18:9 infinity display

In this era where every day bring new innovation and smartphones are evolving also with changing trends, standard aspect ratio of PC and TV...

Teaser: Elephone teases its up-coming bezel-less ELEPHONE S8

ELEPHONE S8 is one of the most anticipated smartphone and looks like DOOGEE MIX, that we unboxed few days ago, Elephone just released teaser...

Teaser: Another massive 5000mAh battery smartphone is leaked

#Elephone teases upcoming #smartphone with #5000mAh large #battery, that can double as power bank to charges other devices! Having larger battery life is getting important...



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