Blackberry Android

News: Blackberry licenses It’s Android Based OS with DTEK to OEMs

#Blackberry have great reputation for its #security features, Blackberry switched from their proprietary operating system to #Android with their own security system, blackberry reported...
Sundar Pichai Google CEO

News: Google is all set to release Android 8.0 on monday

As we already published rumer now we know that Google will introduce the next version of Android alongside the solar eclipse on Monday. The company...
Android O Logo

News: Android 8 could launch on Aug 21

Google could release the latest version of the Android operating system, called Android O exact name is still mystery,in next weeks. Android O could be...
Android O Logo

News: Final developer preview of Android O is out

Fourth and final developer preview of Android O is launched today. As expected, there are no major changes in this release and, according to...
whatsapp Picture-In-Picture

News: Picture-in-Picture will be next feature of whatsapp on Android 8.0

#Floating video is not new concept, but available out-of-the-box through #Samsung Note family, later in Samsung S series. For other Android phones users could use...
Android O Logo

News: SECCOMP will secure Google’s Upcoming OS Android O 8.0

The #kernel in our #smartphones and #tablets system has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to how our devices function on a day...
Remix logo

News: Jide shutting down consumer products including Remix OS

Number of companies, groups and individuals attempted to make #Android a multi-tasking desktop operating system, with most of them not being very good. #Jide...
Android Nougat

Discovery: Panic mode is secret feature in Android Nougat

Even though Google’s #Android 7.1 #Nougat has reached the end of its lifecycle, developers are still going through its codes for finding features that...
Android O Logo

News: Android 8 will launch in Q3

Although the accurate launch date is still unknown and Android Oreo is still an unconfirmed name, Google revealed that the next major Android version...

Xiaomi Devices List That Are Getting Android Nougat Updates (MIUI 9)

Xiaomi owners were waiting for nougat and finally after a huge range smart devices xiaomi announces new updates for MIUI. In addition to bringing new...



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