blue whale
blue whale

The Blue Whale Game also known as “Blue Whale Suicide Challenge” or “Secret House” or “Wake Me at 4:20” or “#bluewhales suicide jumping out of water”, is an Internet “group” on Dark Web but not any app someone downloads and play, that allegedly asks a series of tasks by curators and claimed to be played in several countries. These tasks designed to be played for 50 days and complete 50 tasks, Player takes picture or video of each task and hashtag it with #Bluewhale, #f58, #f57 etc or prove to curator that he/she completed the task. On 50th day player is asked to commit suicide and stream it online while committing suicide. Number of teens killed themselves in last 6 months and incidents are being reported all around the world, including india claimed over 1000 lives under the influence of this game.

About Blue Whale Challenge

This panic began when in Nov 2015, Rina Palenkova posted pictures on Russian social media website #VKontakte (VK) – With the message “Good bye”, just before killing herself by jumping in front of a train. And game is believed to have originated in #Russia by Philipp Budeikin, the game has allegedly claimed over a 130 lives in Russia and Europe including UK & USA. The alleged creator of the game is in prison in Russia. Ilya Sidorov, believed to be an curator of the game, has also reportedly been arrested in Moscow.

Rina Palenkova blue whale victim
Rina Palenkova blue whale victim

Players are mainly invited via social media network such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, vKontacte or instant messengers such as whatsapp, instagram or online gaming groups and online community to play, all of these stay closed so new person needs invitation to join it rather than download and play and can not be searched on those websites, Initially it started to target people to be part of this challenge on VKontacte (

You can quit, if you will, they threaten you to stay in game and die

Player is informed that now he/she is a part of the game and there is no way to go back. Do you really want to play? If the player says yes they continue and specify the rules but after that if a player wants to quit, the curator replies “we have all your infos, they will come after you”. They send out a link and if you click that they receive all your information.

Philipp Budeikin 21 years of age, from Russia, a former psychology student who was expelled from his university, claimed that he invented the game. Budeikin stated that his purpose was to “clean” the society by pushing to suicide those he deemed as having no value.

Philipp Budeikin
Philipp Budeikin

Mainly teenagers from Russia, Ukraine, part of Europe is taking part in this game. It’s been over 2 years this game is spreading like a disease.

How it is being played

Initially this challenge was part of Dark web, The “dark web” is the encrypted network (“and hosted on private server”) that exists between Tor servers and their clients, whereas the “deep web” is simply the content of databases and other web services that for one reason or another cannot be indexed by conventional search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN. So no one can search and join this challenge on those search engines as it is part of Dark/Deep Web, So this game as darknet websites (with a .onion domain) can only be accessed using the TOR network with the TOR browser bundle by accessing special link provided by curator or someone who knows so it is not even possible to browse darknet website via normal browser such as Internet Explorer, Edge browser, Chrome, Firefox or any other browser due to its .onion extension. There is still no solid evidence of using Tor network for this blue whale the game of death.

Founder and curator of this game are in prison now so it is obvious that current wave of these incident to be connected to Blue whale is not related to these two individuals but there could be possibility that someone else took their idea and spread it further.

Is it true Blue Whale really kills

In short yes it does, but to understand how we should go through everything related to it so, During the investigation in Russia, Europe and recently in india the allegations of Blue Whale related deaths have not been confirmed, but some of the suicides have definite link to this game which were filmed/streamed online during or before suicide. There are number of videos on YouTube that shows people committing suicide and those are claimed to be players, some of those have  taken pictures of carving number or whale or any thing on their arm, which was revealed after their death such as one in below video.

“There have been instances of teenagers having been bullied into committing suicide. But the idea of a cult-like Blue Whale challenge is a complete fabrication for which no evidence exists,” says Pranesh Prakash

policy director at Centre for Internet and Society, who has also taken to his Twitter handle to express his views. “It seems to be an urban legend. By focusing too much on the game, we are ignoring the real dangers, such as mental health issues in children.”

50 tasks/challenges of blue whale game

  • Carve a specific phrase (F57) on the person’s own hand or arm.
  • Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and watch a scary video (sent by the curator.)
  • Make lengthwise cuts on the person’s own arm.
  • Draw a whale on a piece of paper
  • Write “yes” on the person’s own leg if ready to be a whale. Otherwise, they should cut themselves multiple times.
  • Secret task (written in code.)
  • Scratch (a message) on the person’s own arm.
  • Write a status online about being a whale (#i_am_whale).
  • Overcome a fear.
  • Get up at 4:20 and go to the roof.
  • Carve a whale on the person’s own hand.
  • Watch scary videos all day.
  • Listen to music the “curator” sends.
  • Cut your lip.
  • Poke the person’s own arm/hand with a needle.
  • Make yourself hurt or sick.
  • Go to a roof and stand on the edge.
  • Stand on the edge of bridge.
  • Climb a crane.
  • At this step, the “curator” somehow checks to see if the participant is trustworthy.
  • Talk with a “whale” on Skype.
  • Sit down on a roof with legs dangling over the edge.
  • Another job that is in code.
  • A secret mission
  • Meet with a “whale.”
  • The “curator” assigns a date that the person will die.
  • Visit a railroad at 4:20am.
  • Do not talk with anyone all day.
  • Give an oath/vow about being a whale

After these steps, steps 30-49 involve watching horror movies and listening to music that the curator picks, talking to a whale (An other player), and making cuts. The last task is jumping off a building/bridge or jump under the train or burn to death and stream online.

It should be noted, again, that it’s not known if the tasks above are authentic and they could be changed at any time, even if they are.

How it works

According to licensed psychologists these tasks is a process known as grooming, where a person is being mentally prepared to follow the instructions and complete the tasks. watch video what a licensed therapist Kati Morton explains why she believes it works.

How you can keep yourself or your kid safe.

  • You should observe if there is change in behavior of your kid.
  • Talk about problems and issue you or your kids might have.
  • Be supportive to kids.
  • Reach out psychologists to get proper consultation.
  • Check the smart devices and computer and remove TOR browser or any other unknown app/browser.
  • Monitor SMS/Whatsapp/instagram/twitter and other apps
  • Check the status on social media of your kids
  • Monitor your kids online activities.
  • Check the Cellphones of your kids
  • Talk to them in friendly way if they know about this game or if they are part of it
  • Educate them about this game and inform them the danger
  • See if you can find scars of carving something like F40,F57, F58 or whale on arm with sharp objects

Life is beautiful don’t waste it for sake of a game, Face your fear & talk about your problem to someone close to you

comment below if you ever experienced blue whale game or anything that might help someone else.

Who are the victims

They basically attack people who are depressed. They convince people that this “world” is cruel and if you die you can reach to god and your life will be good and happy after that, Those series of challenges are design to manipulate your mind to prepare you to take your life.

Disclaimer: This article is solely for education purpose and is based on research not any personal experience or affiliation with any group directly or indirectly related to such challenges or game is made by writer or