People most widely using a device in this age is a smartphone. With a smartphone, we are dealing so many things a day. It’s a really important factor in our daily life. But it may damage our health if you don’t take care of its use. A smartphone user should care their eyes from light rays. We are using smartphones day and night, in the daytime, the light may do not causes the issue. But in nights, you should take extra prevention from blue light flux. If you use a blue light filter, it will protect your eyes from the blue light flux. For that, you can use a blue light filter app. Today here I’m sharing an Android app that will help to care your eyes. Let’s know more about the application.

Night Shift – Blue Light Filter for Migraine

We have spent lots of time with a smartphone in day and night. At night time, using a smartphone is not so healthy for your eyes. Eyes are a really important organ of our body and life. At the same time, the smartphone is an imperative thing in our daily life. So we need both, for that you should take some extra care for the protection of your eyes. The Night Shift – Blue Light Filter for Migraine nightshade is an optimal night filter created to provide warm light night screen in order to ensure eye care against light blue wavelength from screen light.

This is an Android app, currently available in Google Play Store with good user reviews. You can find the app under the Health & Fitness category of apps on Google Play Store. Over 1 million Android users downloaded the app from the Play Store and it has an average rating of 4.8. App size is just 6.1M, it last updated on October 30, 2018. The current version is 3.04 and it requires Android version 4.1 and later.

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You should first know how the blue light flux affected your eyes. The effect of blue light flux affected you slowly. The negative effect of blue light flux are Eye strain, seems eye tired, Higher risk of glaucoma, and cataract, Phase shifting of the circadian rhythm, restlessness, and suppression of melatonin, Chronic migraine pain and activation of the trigeminal nerve, Chronic headache, Insomnia, sleepless night time and sleeplessness.

This Blue Light Filter app will help you to relieve eye strain and chronic headache during night reading. For that it providing anti-glare night screen and warm light night mode. Its red light nightshade is also best for eye care against light blue rays from your smartphone screen light that cause glaucoma, melatonin deficiency, and insomnia. If you want to care your eyes, just use this app it provides so many good features as well. Temperature customization, Premade blue light filters, Color customization, RGB customization, Automatic filter schedule are some good features of this app.

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