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Why Ported Camera App?

Moto Z2 Play was one of the best camera phone in its price segment last year, thanks to its Sony Exmor RS IMX362 sensor and Motorola’s software tricks on top of it. Wait Moto G5 Plus comes with the same powerful Sony IMX362 sensor with different camera results. in spite of same hardware but result is different in Moto Z2 Play because of the software. Now, that’s something unsettling – In conclusion you’re phone’s hardware is being restricted by software.

What If you could use same Camera App as in Moto Z2 Play in your Moto G5?. Or What if you could use Samsung S+ Camera in Samsung Galaxy S8 Or even in your Xiaomi Phone?. However there are ports of different cameras available and we have listed most versatile Apps that you can install in you phone.

You must try camera port if you are looking for improved picture or video quality or the features that your phone doesn’t have. Even if you like the layout of certain camera app by another smartphone manufacturer like HTC or Asus on your Samsung.

By the way I love the way Selfie feature works on Asus Pixel Master

What is Camera Port?

Normally an App is developed by a manufacturer for a certain device, and company restricts them on those devices only such as Samsung S9 camera is not available for Samsung Note series.

So developers take that App removes/rewrites phone dependents section of an app and remove restriction to make is compatible with other devices. In other words developer changes code to allow the program to run on different environment (Operating System – ROM or sometimes Hardware) than it was restricted for.

Often Ported Apps runs on a variety of types of devices, using different Hardware.

Is Google Camera Available?

Latest GCam App is available on Play Store but only for Google’s Devices, but only for all Nexus and Pixel Phones. As default camera app in these phones is actually Google Camera App and it is named just “Camera”.

Whereas on non Google phones you can download Older Google Camera or Google Camera Port for your device.

Google Camera Port Download

Thanks to our Android developer community who works day and night to bring Camera Ports to other devices. Google Camera is no exception many developers successfully ported Google Camera to non google devices and we have listed them for you.


All these ports / mods runs on Android 6.0+ and on 4.4+, some of their features such as Manual or Pro Mode requires Camera API 2 and some features are hardware specific. If Camera App force closes kindly clear its cache and data than allow all the permissions, Moreover if you still face same issue move to other camera port or version of same camera mod.

Best Camera Port for Android

There are number of camera ports available for variety of devices. We are listing here best camera ports that works on majority of smartphones. Moreover we will tell you the features, requirements, why you should download camera port, what is unique and what features are hardware dependent.

HTC Camera

Easy automatic capturing, rich manual controls and creative camera modes make HTC Camera an ideal all-arounder for on-the-go photographers. Grab your best shots in a clean, intuitive interface that lets you switch easily between multiple modes. From ISO controls to white balance, you can always create the right mood for your photos and videos.
HTC CameraFeatures Of HTC Camera
Main features of HTC Camera are Rich manual controls, Auto capture and voice capture, Live makeup, Pro camera mode, Panorama camera mode, Hyperlapse video mode, Slow motion video mode.

What is unique in HTC Camera
Auto Capture and Voice Capture, Live Makeup

Download HTC Camera Port
HTC Camera 2 New (min Android 6.0+)
Download HTC One M9 Camera V (min Android 5.0+)
HTC Gallery V 9.20.534238 (min Android 4.4+)

Asus Pixel Master

ASUS PixelMaster Camera Offers unique scene-detection technology, which analyses your surroundings instantly, suggesting the best mode for your shot.

From dusky evening scenes and low-light indoor shots to bright, high-contrast environments, ASUS PixelMaster Camera enables effortless mode-switching for instance. As a result you do not need to decide what mode should you use. Furthermore ASUS PixelMaster Camera makes each shot a professional sharp-shooted – all at the touch of a shutter.
Asus Pixel MasterFeatures Of Asus Pixel Master
Asus Pixel Master offers many intelligent features along with some common ones, including but not limited to Timestamp, Burst mode, Face Detection, Smart Brightness, Volume Key to zoom or take picture.

Asus Pixel Master Camera ModesDifferent setting Modes are:
Auto, HDR – Pro, Beautification, QR Scan, Night, Depth Of Field, Filters, Selfie, GIF Animation, Panorama, Miniature, Smart Remove, All Smiles, Slow Motion and Time Lapse.

What is unique in Asus Pixel Master
Auto Scene Detection / Suggestion
Selfie Shooter with Rear Camera on Face(s) Detection
GIF Animation
Smart Remove

Hardware Dependent Feature
Panorama, Burst Photos, GIF Animation, All Smiles

Some features of Pixel Master rarely requires Asus Gallery (min Android 4.3+) on Some phone if it asks you for Asus Gallery you can download and install it from here.

Download Assus Gallery: For Android 4.3+ Asus Gallery V2.4.0.56_170630 or Asus Gallery V

Download Asus PixelMaster
V (min Android 4.4+)

Google Camera

Google camera is well know for the great features and picture quality since Nexus smartphone, It made wows when first announced Lens Blur feature. However GCam is now a very mature App with high quality picture and videos in low light, Portrait mode even on single camera beside other AI features and you can download pixel camera apk.

Features Of Google Camera
HDR+, Video Stabilization, Smartburst, Photo sphere, Lens Blur, Slow Motion, Artificial Intelligence

What is unique in Google Camera
Lens Blur, HDR+

Hardware Dependent Feature
Photo Sphere, Artificial Intelligence

Download Google Camera Port
Google Camera V 5.1.018 Port New (Min Android 6.0+)
Download GCam V 2.7.010 Port (Min Android 4.4+)

CyanogenMod (Snapdragon) Camera

CM camera interface is full of features while a very user friendly, It Offers some very unique Modes to choose from including portrait mode to take a portrait selfie not only this but it offer Night portrait mode to take portrait pictures in night time.

Features Of CyanogenMod Camera
Auto, HDR, Beach Mode, Candle Light, Fireworks, Landscape, Night, Night Portrait, Party, Portrait, Snow, Sports, Steady Photo, Sunset and Theater.

What is unique in CyanogenMod Camera
Night Portrait Mode, Portrait Mode, Sports Mode, Fireworks

Download CyanogenMod (CM) Camera Port
Snapdragon Camera V 2.0.002

Nokia Camera

Easy to use camera interface allows you to focus on the moment, whereas Pro camera mode gives you the ultimate level of control over your photo. Dual-Sight photos and videos use the front and rear cameras simultaneously, allowing you to capture both the action and your reaction in a split-screen photo or video.

Features Of Nokia Camera
HDR, Manual Settings, Panorama, Watermark, Selfie Portrait Mode

What is unique in Nokia Camera
Bothie, Picture in picture, Clean Interface

Download Nokia Camera Port
Ported Nokia Camera V 8.0260.50 New
Modified Ported Nokia Camera V 8.0260.50 Moded This is more optimized than above, but if it doesn’t work install above
Download Nokia Camera Port V 8.0200.20

Xiaomi MIUI Camera

Xiaomi began to sell its first Android One phone Mi A1 in sep 2017,  That came with original AOSP official ROM by Google, but with a MIUI Camera. So Theoretically it becomes easy for developers to extract and port this great MIUI camera to any other devices on any ROMs.

Luckily it is available for us to use in almost any Phone running Android 6.0+

Features Of MIUI Camera
Panorama, Timer, Audio, Manual, Straighten, Beautify, Group Selfie, Tilt Shift, Square, HHT, Filters, HDR Pro, HDR Live, Magic Mirror, Smart Beauty, Pro Beauty

What is unique in MIUI Camera
Smart Beauty, Pro Beauty, Tilt Shift, Straighten, HDR Live,

Download MIUI Camera
Mi A1 Camera V-0.0.1 V-0.0.3 (More features)
Download MIUI V 1.0.0

Others Camera Ports

Camera Name Description Download

Lenovo SNAPit Camera

Lenovo SNAPit requirs minimum Android 4.0+ and comes with alot of settings, Snap mode by touch, timer, detecting smile or normal. It also have lever meter to take best and straight possible picture along with grid. Download SNAPit Camera V

Meizu Camera

Meizu Camera is most very easy to use due to gesture to switch feature. It comes with Auto, Manual, Panorama and Scan Mode.

One of the user friendly Camera Port available.

Download Meizu Camera V 1.0

Special Purpose Camera

Camera Name Description Download

Asus Selfie Master

Asus Selfie Master camera is specially developed for selfie lovers and uses only front camera. However this camera suits social Media Celebraties Or anyone who loves to be online for any reason.

This comes with Video, Photo and Live Streaming Mode with different beauty levels feature. Not only this but it also allows to create collage from upto 9 pictures you have taken and a video from upto 60 photos with different transitions and background music.

Download SelfieMaster Camera Port V

Nubia Light Painting Master Camera

ZTE Nubia Light Painting Master is long shutter time camera app that makes video of light pattern. There is in-App tutorial to explain how app works.

It tracks moving light and you can draw out of light source using your phone screen.

Download Nubia Light Painting Master Camera Port V 1.0.6

Nubia E-Aperture Camera

E-Aperture camera is developed to capture beautifull floating clouds, flowing water or night scene.

Any moving object will be filtered and smoothen to give an amazing effect.

It comes with different shutter time settings to capture the desired result.

e-aperture sample

Download eAperture Camera Port V 1.0.1

Let’s know in comments below which camera port works for you and which one doesn’t for your phone.


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