Kids and Android Phone

With the technological progression, every individual feels attracted towards electronic gadgets and unique inventions be it an adult or a child. As a matter of fact, children are extremely tempted towards such things, especially the Android-based gadgets and merely putting a stop on their wish list is not a sensible thing to do.

Keeping in mind the needs of the modern digital era, parents feel obliged to let them use such devices. However, they need to be observed constantly because kids cannot differentiate between what is good for them and what is not.

How to monitor kids on mobile?

Feeling the needs of the society, developers being highly considerate have developed Android parental control app, which permits web monitoring, secure browsing and prevent your kids from getting exposed to inappropriate content available online.

The chief aim of Android parental control app is to filter the content and apps and make sure your children are using their phones for the right reasons only.

Benefits of Parental Control Apps

Parental apps can be rightfully considered beneficial for parents because they assist them in doing their job even more efficiently. It is a parent’s job to prevent kids from getting exposed to explicit content on the internet because such content turns out to be extremely damaging to children’s mental health and well-being.

These apps are specially developed while keeping children’s curiosity in mind which compels kids to get themselves familiarized with the restricted content. Parental control apps help parents to stay updated with the activities of their kids on social media apps and on the web.

Why Parental Control App?

The various smart phone apps both on Android and on iOS can be tremendously useful, healthy and informative for your children. Parents need to guide their children to install the educational and useful apps in a persuasive manner. It is inevitable that while handing over the smart phone to their kids, parents worry about the wrongful use of the device. That’s where the role of parental control comes in.

Many Android parental control apps are available which help parents to make sure that their children benefit most from the positive aspects of cell phones and stay away from the inappropriate activities. These apps are crucial to prevent your kids from using mature apps which might be detrimental for their fragile age.

Educating kids in a good school and providing them all the luxuries is not enough, children must be taught well about all the positive and negative aspects of any issue because personal observation by parents themselves is of utmost importance and these parental monitoring apps can help sufficiently in this regard. Therefore, giving your kids their personal smart phone is not such a big deal if you monitor them properly with the help of digital apps.

Among many parental monitoring apps available, one leading app which contains all the considerate and valuable features a good parental control should possess is FamilyTime android parental control app. It can be used for both iOS and Android smart phones and is reasonably easy and hassle-free to use because it allows parents to manage multiple devices using a single FamilyTime account.

Parent control


With the FamilyTime app in hand, parents check their kids’ call logs, SMS history, Web behaviour, installed apps and much more. With that, they can block inappropriate apps, schedule auto screen locks and can even put a remote lock on their devices if they feel the need. Aren’t these features amazing? These certainly are. So, what are you waiting for? Get the app now on your phone for free try. You can get the trial version from the app store on your phone.


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