Apple released watchOS 5.1 not too long ago but software had some issues and was bricking a lot of Apple Watches out there in the wild.

As a result of that, the company pulled the software update completely. Now, a little less than a week later and Apple is back with another update. Apple released watchOS 5.1.1 to the public, with the primary focus being on patching the issue that led to many smartwatches bricking during the update process.

As far as what’s new in watchOS 5.1.1, there is quite a bit. The new software includes support for the 70 new emoji being added to the mix, including faces with curly hair, red hair, and a variety of other options.

Apple is replacing Apple watches that 5.0 Update bricked

The new software also includes the option to have a watch face of a single color, like red, blue, or green. watchOS 5.1 also brings support for Group FaceTime, but only in audio. That means you will be able to join in a group conversation on FaceTime, which supports up to 32 people, but you’ll have audio-only, with no video support.

It is worth noting that for those affected by the watchOS 5.1 update bug need to get support from Apple directly to have their smartwatch replaced.

And, of course, if you were not affected by the bug then this particular software update is not for you.

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