Apple started beta testing iOS 12.1.2 not too long ago, but the minor update is now ready for a public launch.

On Monday, Apple officially released the next update for iOS, releasing iOS 12.1.2 out to the public. As the version number suggests, this is a minor update in the grand scheme of things. However, that does not make it an important one. For owners of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and XS Max who have run into specific issues relating to eSIM activation, this software update is meant for you.

In addition to that, iOS 12.1.2 also fixes an issue relating to cellular connectivity on the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max in Turkey. With this new software installed, the issue should get patched up.

But, at least at the time of publication, that’s all we know about what iOS 12.1.2 fixes. Apple’s changelog for the update is short and to the point, only mentioning the above fixes. Still, considering how annoying those problems could be for owners of Apple’s newest iPhone models, it should make it one you’ll want to install right away.

iOS 12.1.2 is now available as a free download and installation for supported iOS devices. Apple released it a little later in the day than the company normally does, but just make sure you’ve carved out a bit of time to go through the update procedure, which shouldn’t take too long, hopefully.

Download iOS 12.1.2 for iPhone



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