[Launch] Android Pay reaches Ukraine, Czech Republic, Brazil & Slovakia


Google’s Android Pay reaches Ukraine, Czech Republic, Brazil & Slovakia. As Google launches it in Czech Republic and Brazil today and soon it’ll be live in Slovakia, too. This is Android Pay’s first foray into South America.

Paying contact-less isn’t new in Central and Eastern Europe–in fact, in many places it’s the norm. With Android Pay, In the Czech Republic you can pay at your favorite retailers including the supermarket chains Ahold, Billa, and Lidl, as well as clothing store H&M, ubiquitous fast food restaurant McDonald’s, and railway company Regiojet.

You can use Visa or MasterCard with J&T Banka, mBank, and Moneta now

while support for Komerční banka (KB) is coming soon.

Ukraine’s Finance Minister Oleksandr Danylyuk was the country’s first person to try Android Pay. During its launch on November 1, He also demonstrated how it works on the Kiev Metro.

Brazil Finance Minister Demonstrate Android Pay
Brazil Finance Minister Demonstrate Android Pay

Pay for pão de queijo with your phone in Brazil

In Brazil, supported banks include Banco do Brasil, Brasil Pré-Pagos, Neon, Caixa, and Porto Seguro now, while support for Bradesco is coming soon.

Google provide Android Pay with partnership of Ipiranga and Casa do Pão de Queijo to help emerge a new experiences (like paying with your phone) with familiar ones (like buying groceries or Brigadeiros).

Contactless payment at grocery
Contactless payment at grocery

Brazil is also the first Latin American country to get Android Pay. Google aims to make it a part of people’s everyday routines and expand it to new markets around the world.