iPhone X
iPhone X

The iPhone X has an impressive all-screen design, as Apple managed to turn almost the entire front side of the handset into a huge display. That elusive edge-to-edge design mentioned in several iPhone rumors for a few years now is finally possible. But not without the notch, and all the notch memes that followed.

IPhone X without notch

However, an Android device maker you may have not heard about is apparently working on a handset that has a screen-to-body ratio more impressive than the iPhone X’s.

Assuming the following image shows an actual device is real, then Vivo’s unnamed phone may pack more screen than any other all-screen smartphone, the iPhone X included. SlashLeaks picked the image up from Weibo, China’s Twitter-like social networks that spawns plenty of mobile leaks.

vivo all screen phone design
vivo all screen phone design

Vivo is the same Chinese smartphone maker that just launched the first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor baked into the screen. And it sure looks like one of the preinstalled apps on this phone has some fingerprint-sensing capabilities.

Can such a phone really exist right now? Where are the front-facing elements that force device makers to come up with iPhone X notch-like compromises? Where’s the selfie camera, the speaker, and microphone? Are they all tucked away under the screen? Can Vivo pull that off?

UMIDIGI ONE – iPhone X with touch ID

If you want a fingerprint on your iPhone X than UMIDIGI another Chinese manufacturer announced iPhone X clone with fingerprint embedded on power button on right side, while phone looks amazing.

umidigi one
umidigi one

The UMIDIGI One is trimmed down version of the flagship UMIDIGI Z2. so, it carries some flagship features. The phone will come with the same fastest wireless charge as UMIDIGI Z2 (5v15w).

UMIDIGI One has notch screen and extreme slim bezels, allowing the phone to reach a 19:9 screen to body ratio. The screen has no physical home button so that you can enjoy the full 5.9-inch display. Also, by applying the cutting-edge revolutionary in-cell technology, which combines digitizer, touch input, and LCD screen into a single-layer display, its screen is much lighter and the phone even works while screen been broken.


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