Ali Baba
Ali Baba

Recently there was news about a possible launch of Alibaba in pakistan, things seem to be well settled still we do not have additional detail about acquisition of any company by Pakistan and what courier they might use.

Jack Ma CEO and Founder also claimed that the progress in the e-commerce sector of Pakistan has been noticeable recently and that is why he wants to invest in this niche making it far better. Alibaba Group is a powerful name that has been supporting more than 60 million companies all over the world. And it is now going to support Pakistan for all the small scale industries working here company’s headquarters is located in Guangzhou China.

Ali Baba
Ali Baba

Recently Ali Baba have sent out invitation to the companies for seminar to be held in Avari Towers Karachi on 26 March this session will last for 3 hours.

As per invitation event is for exporters to grow their business globally, during this seminar attendees will learn how to manage business efficiently.

Everything seems to be really good for future of SMEs in Pakistan.

Moreover the thing to note is the ending of invitation that says Best Regards, Pakistan Team, which means Alibaba is ready to bang.


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