4 Reasons you should try an amazing gaming phone UHANS Max 2


Consumers tend to prefer a device with a large screen for browsing internet or consuming multimedia contents, play games and read e-book on the go. Then, is there an alternative? UHANS Max 2 is undoubtedly a great recommendation. What’s more, you will find more benefits than you’d expect from.

6.44″ FullHD Screen, More possibilities for Multimedia on-the-go

The gigantic screen is perfect choice for people who watch a lot of videos or are gaming enthusiasts, or who prefer the large real estate while working on documents or texting. It is definitely a awesome experience while playing games on the UHANS Max 2, due to the spacious room provided for controlling the console and backed by 4GB RAM. Every step is under command and swiftly carried out. Most importantly, thanks to the split-screen function you do get all the usual bells and whistles — you can run two apps simultaneously. Which means chatting online and video-watching are allowed simultaneously.


Quad Cameras

iPhone X chose dual camera setup and it works pretty well. Then what about 4 cameras on the UHANS Max 2? It is noted that 13MP+2MP camera combination is applied both on the front and back panel of UHANS Max 2. Owners are free to adjust the bokeh effect to take professional photos as the SLR does. And color saturation is balanced while the fidelity is perfectly reserved.



Backed by MT6750T SoC and combined with the 4 GB RAM it packs in, it aims to strike between raw processing and power consumption. The phone performs nicely while juggling multiple apps or playing graphic-intensive games, you won’t notice any slowdowns in browsing or when it comes to viewing videos.

4300mAh battery, last for 1.5 days

The UHANS Max 2 has a large, non-removable 4300mAh battery which can deliver 1.5 days of life. And in real-world usage, the phone doesn’t disappoint with its battery performance as it easily lasted up to 1 day on a single charge even with heavy usage.

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