Resize MyPix Premium v1.1.1 (Paid + Patched)
Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: Easily resize a single photo or multiple photos without loss of quality.

Resize MyPix Premium can resize single images or multiple images in batches of up to 300 photos at a time without loss of image quality on your Android phone or tablet. Whether you want to share your resized photos with friends immediately via a social network, edit them first, save them to your SD Card or to your preferred cloud backup service, Resize MyPix Premium has it all.


★ Batch resize multiple photos fast resulting in on average 90% smaller file sizes.

★ Essential Photo Editing Tools – Crop, Rotate, Horizontal and Vertical Flip.

★ Color Adjustment: Adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma.

★ Share Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, Google+ and many other social networks.

★ Save photos to SD Card or cloud providers such as Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Photobucket to name a few.

Take control and resize your photos at the source, on your Android phone or tablet using Resize MyPix Premium , saving you time, data bandwidth and therefore your money. You also get rewarded by retaining photo quality by controlling the resizing process yourself resulting in shared photos looking their best online just like you want.


Simply select one or more photos up to a maximum selection of 300 photos in one of two ways:

• open Resize MyPix Premium from the launcher icon, or
• open your favorite gallery app and ‘Share’ selected photos from the gallery to Resize MyPix Premium .

Then choose a maximum edge in the range of 160 to 2048 pixels and all the photos will be:

• automatically resized so that the longest photo edge is reduced to the maximum pixel size you selected while retaining the photos original aspect ratio,
• automatically rotated to the correct portrait or landscape aspect according to EXIF metadata stored by the camera,
• automatically sharpened to retain image quality (feature can be disabled in the app settings if you prefer to manually sharpen photos yourself or to increase resizing speed).


Using Resize MyPix Premium you will reduce the on-disk photo size by on average 90%. This number will vary due to the megapixel rating of your camera, zoom level of each photo resized, maximum pixel edge size you select and the JPEG quality setting you choose (our default setting is very high at 95 of 100 to retain best image quality for your images).


Who wants to sit around manually syncing huge 3.3 MB sized photos to their computer just to manually resize them on their PC once synced? Why share huge photos online wasting your time and data bandwidth uploading huge images when most social networks will savagely reduce the image dimensions, quality and size of the photo once uploaded anyway.

Languages supported

Currently this release supports only English.

Having trouble with Resize MyPix Premium?

Email support on for assistance.

What’s New
Modernized the interface by adding full action bar support and resolved some minor bugs.
If you discover any other pesky bugs please send us an email at so we can squash them quickly.

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